Immediate Past President - Tyler Moses
President - Jay Sinclair
1st Vice President - Jason Zayac
2nd Vice President - Heine Westergaard
3rd Vice President - Justin Clark
Secretary/Treasurer - Nicole Templeton

Committee Heads

Ag. Promotions - Dave Eremko
Antique Tractor - pull and display - Danny Farkash
Beef - Derek Westman
Beer Gardens - Aaron Snelgrove
Chicken Show - Glen Smith/Charlotte Wasylik
Chuck Wagons - Doug Westman
Community Partnership - 
Concessions - Janice McLaughlin
Entertainment - Jim Letawsky
Equine Show - Kim Eremko and Irene Smith
Gate - Brian Chrisp
Grounds and Buildings - Robert Snelgrove
Hall Exhibits - Fran Schaumleffel - Sonia Oldenburg 
Heavy Horse - Doug Stewart
Heritage Building - Rick Wasylik
Machinery Display - Gary Moses
Modified Tractor Pull - 
Old Mac's Barn - Tyler Moses
Old Timer's Cabin - 
Open Stage - Rick Dees
Parade - Russ Cameron
Parking - Turkey Snelgrove
Infield Parking - Jason Zayac
Reunion Hall - Greg Lumley
Sanitation - 
School Showcase - Cheryl Westman
Sheep - Deanna Krys
Team Roping - Lee MacMillan
Trade Show - Nicole Templeton
Emergency Response - Neil Snelgrove 

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